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  • Somerset Wedding Photographer

    10 Tips To Getting Awesome Photos Of Your Wedding

    I’ve written before on this blog about how to get better pictures for your wedding, well I figured it was about time I wrote up another. Here are 10 Tips To Getting Awesome Photos Of Your Wedding…   1 – Linger a little longer during the first kiss. The first kiss happens so fast and […]

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  • Maternity Photoshoot - Somerset Portrait Photography

    Maternity Photoshoot – Somerset Portrait Photographer

    My lovely best friend Shannon is expecting a little boy in a few months, so yesterday we headed over to Collett Park in Shepton Mallet and took advantage of all the newly flowering trees and spring blossoms for a maternity photoshoot. It was truly difficult narrowing down which images to put on this blog post because I […]

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  • How photography cured my social anxiety

    How photography helped to cure my social anxiety

    The world can be a scary place when you have a Social Anxiety Disorder.. Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD or SA) if you aren’t already clued up, is an almost paralysing fear of social interaction. It’s a phobia, that brings on extreme emotional and physical difficulties when the sufferer is placed in a social situation. It’s […]

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  • Feels like Winter is over.

    Already feeling like winter is over. The weather isn’t as cold, there are flowers blossoming already, and the sun is shining everyday. Took these this week in Chester Park;

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