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  • Quirky Engagement Shoot in Oddfellows

    This session involved three things that I love; 1) A couple who likes to do things their own way 2) fun props and 3) Oddfellows as a location! If you’re gonna have a quirky engagement shoot, there’s no better place to do it. With eccentric design, stag heads, an upside down room, Alice in Wonderland decor and animals […]

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  • Wedding Photography Packaging - Wooden USB Box

    Natural Photography Packaging For Weddings

    Nature is amazing, I love it so much. Nothing really makes me happier than being in a forest with the sound of the wind whistling through the trees, or running around like a crazy person in heavy summer rain. When I take peoples pictures, I try and bring the environment into those photographs too, as […]

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  • Fun Wedding Photography

    Easter Rainbow Themed Wedding in the Rain

    This wedding was totally unlike most weddings I’ve ever been to. There was no cake cutting, instead they had a whole table of homemade cakes for people to just help themselves. There was no first dance, instead they had an ‘everybody first dance’. The bridal party played with nerf guns during the group shots. It […]

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  • Stourhead House, Wiltshire

    Stourhead House and Gardens, Wiltshire

    I love taking my camera somewhere new and last week it came on an adventure with me to Stourhead House and Gardens in Wiltshire. It took us a long time to get round everything at Stourhead, mainly because every two seconds there was something I wanted to stop and take a picture of. Lots of architectural […]

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  • Christening Photography in Bristol and Somerset

    Lily’s Christening & 1st Birthday Party – Christening Photography

    Sometimes in between all the weddings and portrait sessions, I will shoot the occasional event. Christenings, charity balls, birthday parties. They might not be advertised much on my website but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love to do them. In fact, I love shooting events. My favourite part of any shoot is being a […]

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  • Posing Guide – How To Pose Couples Naturally

    How to pose couples naturally? When I first started photographing couples, a lot of my pictures turned out really stiff and the only directions I could think of were “look at the camera / just be yourself / be natural” – umm, no wonder the pictures didn’t turn out at all natural. It’s one thing to find a […]

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