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  • Somerset Wedding Photographer

    10 Tips To Getting Awesome Photos Of Your Wedding

    I’ve written before on this blog about how to get better pictures for your wedding, well I figured it was about time I wrote up another. Here are 10 Tips To Getting Awesome Photos Of Your Wedding…   1 – Linger a little longer during the first kiss. The first kiss happens so fast and […]

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  • Documentary Wedding Photographer in Somerset

    Top Wedding Tips for Better Getting Ready Photos

    I can’t count the amount of brides I’ve had who originally opted out of having the getting ready photos only to reconsider having them the night before the wedding, and it ALWAYS makes me happy when they ask me to come and photograph it. I find documenting the getting ready photos or the bridal prep to be […]

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  • Posing Guide – How To Pose Couples Naturally

    How to pose couples naturally? When I first started photographing couples, a lot of my pictures turned out really stiff and the only directions I could think of were “look at the camera / just be yourself / be natural” – umm, no wonder the pictures didn’t turn out at all natural. It’s one thing to find a […]

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  • Somerset Portrait Photography

    How To Build A Portrait Portfolio

    As I’m regularly asked “How do I build my portrait portfolio from scratch/if I have no clients?”, I thought I would write an easy guide to get you started. Of course, some of these tips may help you if you already have clients yet you’re looking to open new doors, like if you want to shoot children […]

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    6 Tips For Taking A Great Self Portrait

      Forget about “selfies” for a minute (the amazing Jen Brook has a fab article about selfies here), let’s talk about the Self Portrait. As a photographer who shoots people on a regular basis, both as a paid professional and as a hobbyist creating images from my own ideas; Taking self portraits has been an […]

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  • Why you should have your pictures taken in any weather

    Sometimes it can be quite disheartening to look out of the window and see grey skies and rain drops on the window, especially if you’re one of those people who (like me) fawns over portraits taken on beautiful sandy beaches in Southern California or stunning landscapes taken on clear starry nights. The thing is, it […]

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