52 Week Photo Challenge



Sometimes when you take pictures for a living, you simply forget to take pictures just for the pure pleasure of it. I wouldn’t say taking pictures as a job makes it a chore, but you tend to focus all of your energy on your work making it hard to find the time or motivation to create anything else. These days I almost feel as if I need a little push to get my creative juices flowing, a little inspiration to make me want to shoot just for me. Lately I have been obsessed with ViewBug, which has helped me think outside the box and take it one step further. Literally, I am obsessed with it. Moderator level obsessed. I wanted to do something else to keep my creativity spark all lit up inside, so I’ve decided to go for a 52 Week Photo Challenge. I invite you to do it with me.

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52 Week Photo Challenge

Here is my first 3 weeks of the 52 Week Photo Challenge;

Week 1 – Beginning

The start of 2015 began with cake. A mega, massive, over the top, indulgent beast of a cake. A black forest cake filled with bucket loads of kirsch, fresh cream, chocolate ganache and plenty of cherries. It took four layers of sponge and two days to make, it was exhausting. P.s do you like my little trees on the top?

We served it at our post Christmas dinner, hosted by my lovely Mum.
Every year my Mum and Step-Dad have myself and my step brothers and our partners around one big dinner table so we can have our own Christmas dinner together. It’s one of my favourite days of the year, the big family Christmas that I’d always wanted and now I get to look forward to it every January.

Also, what a perfect way to start the New Year as a healthier person, by going out in style with this monster of a cake….

Black Forest Cake - 52 Week Photo Challenge


Week 2 – Light

Out in the garden getting some new self portraits for my marketing with the help of my boyfriend. It starts raining, really hard.

I’m usually known for running around in the rain having a great time and this occasion was no different. So we grabbed the flashes and experimented with some Off-Camera Flash, which for me is something I don’t often do apart from at weddings. I loved the outcome of this, not to mention this picture basically sums me up entirely. It was worth freezing my nips off, for sure.

52 Week Photo Challenge - Off camera flash

Week 3 – Winter

Wednesday I went on a “drive by shooting” as my boyfriend affectionately named it.
In the car¬†towards Westbury ¬†in Wiltshire, the snow fell. So I perched my lens on the open window and photographed the scenery on the way. I wasn’t driving by the way, I’d just like to point that out.

After the snow, the sun came out and melted most of it away but I still managed to catch this.

Winter - 52 Week Photo Challenge


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