10 Tips To Getting Awesome Photos Of Your Wedding


I’ve written before on this blog about how to get better pictures for your wedding, well I figured it was about time I wrote up another.

Here are 10 Tips To Getting Awesome Photos Of Your Wedding


1 – Linger a little longer during the first kiss.

The first kiss happens so fast and we only have one opportunity to capture it, making your first kiss a little big longer instead of a quick peck will ensure you get not just one but a few really great photos of your first kiss!

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2. Leave enough time.

Things always run over at weddings, always. So if you have a list of family group photos that you want, consider it may take between 5-10 minutes per set up, depending on how quick everyone gets into place. Make sure you tell your photographer who you want in the group shots and try to whittle them down to just the important people – your photographer should be getting candids of guests anyway. The less time the group shots take, the more time your guests have to enjoy themselves and more time for you to mingle with them!

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3. Have fun things for your guests to do.

Lawn games are always a good one but having something fun for your guests to do in between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast or between the speeches and the first dance, always means you’ll get lots of candid photos of guests having a fab time. 

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4. Check your venue has somewhere photo-worthy close by or on the grounds.

It’s always good to know that your venue has a spot that works well for taking portraits or group photos and if it doesn’t, try looking for a nice spot close to the venue. This is something I like to look for as soon as I get to the venue or about a month before if I’m local to my couples venue. 

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5. Have an engagement/pre-wedding session.

I LOVE engagement sessions and I think they’re amazingly helpful for a few reasons; You get the chance to be comfortable in front of the camera before the big day, you get to tell me what images of yourself you like the best so that things run smoother on the day and you also get some great photos to announce the big day or use for signing frames etc. 

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6. Be yourselves.

Probably the most important. It’s not a photo shoot, you don’t have to act like models or be a certain way in front of the camera. It’s your wedding day, a part of the story of your life, you don’t need to be anything but yourselves.


7. Make sure your ceremony venue allows photography and ask what their rules are.

You’d be surprised but some venues limit photography on wedding days during the ceremony and some don’t even allow photography at all. This is especially true when it comes to Church weddings but sometimes happens in other venues too. It’s good to get an idea of what your venue does and doesn’t allow when it comes to photography. 


8. If you’re getting married outside, consider the time of day.

Wedding ceremonies outside are so much fun, I love them, especially if we get a hot day in the UK – it’s nice to be outside for that! The only difficulty with outdoor ceremonies is that the time of day and the position of the ceremony can effect how the photos will look. So if you’re having an outdoor wedding in the middle of the day, the sun is going to be very high and there’s going to be lots of squinting, shadows and harsh lighting. 

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9. Consider an unplugged ceremony.

Some venues may request that all guests not take photos until after the signing of the register anyway but if not, it may be worth considering an unplugged ceremony. Guests taking photos during the ceremony, especially with flash or clogging the aisle with iPad’s etc., could potentially ruin the professional photographs of key moments.


10. Ditch the ‘must-have’ photos list.

Most bridal magazines and websites will have one of them, the “50 must have wedding photos you can’t miss” that send photographers crazy, and while some of the images on these lists will already be on the agenda anyway and it’s great to have a quick list of the people/things you definitely don’t want missed, it’s important to not get consumed with having lists of images you that don’t really fit your wedding. Every wedding couple is different, therefore every wedding is different. To stick to these lists, would be to strip your wedding photos of their personality. Trust your photographer and let them capture your day the way it happens.

10 Tips For Awesome Photos Of Your Wedding




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