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10 Tips To Getting Awesome Photos Of Your Wedding

I’ve written before on this blog about how to get better pictures for your wedding, well I figured it was about time I wrote up another. Here are 10 Tips To Getting Awesome Photos Of Your Wedding…   1 – Linger a little longer during the first kiss. The first kiss happens so fast and we only have one opportunity to capture it, making your first kiss a little big longer instead of a quick peck will ensure you get not just one but a few really great photos of your first  ...

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Maternity Photoshoot – Somerset Portrait Photographer

My lovely best friend Shannon is expecting a little boy in a few months, so yesterday we headed over to Collett Park in Shepton Mallet and took advantage of all the newly flowering trees and spring blossoms for a maternity photoshoot. It was truly difficult narrowing down which images to put on this blog post because I loved all of them <3 Here’s a few of my favourites; If you’re looking for a Somerset portrait photographer for a maternity photoshoot, family session or any  ...

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How photography helped to cure my social anxiety

The world can be a scary place when you have a Social Anxiety Disorder.. Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD or SA) if you aren’t already clued up, is an almost paralysing fear of social interaction. It’s a phobia, that brings on extreme emotional and physical difficulties when the sufferer is placed in a social situation. It’s a serious medical condition that can damage and often completely kill the ability to enjoy normal interactions and moments where other people are involved. Outsiders with  ...

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