Somerset Wedding Photography – FAQ

Bristol and Somerset Wedding Photography


Do we have to pay a deposit?

A 50% deposit is required to secure your date, the rest of the balance is payable no later than 2 weeks before the wedding.


How long does it take to receive our images?

Your photographs can take up to 4 weeks to edit during the busy season.


How many images will we receive?

Every wedding is different, so the amount of images you get will depend on different factors but you will receive at least 400 images. I don’t limit how much coverage you get from me.


I’m camera shy, help?!

No problemo! I pretty much specialise in photographing camera shy people now. I grew up with social anxiety so I can completely understand how awkward it feels in front of the camera. The great thing about having a professional like me at your wedding is, it’s completely different from having your picture taken by your Auntie with her phone because you won’t be told to stand there and smile for 5 minutes while I figure out if the flash went off, you know what I mean?!  Having your picture taken by me is a lot more fluid, you will be engaging with each other, you’ll rarely look at the camera and when you do my camera fires so quick you won’t feel so awkward. The rest of time I will be in the background and you won’t even notice me.

This is why engagement sessions are a great idea. It gives you chance to get used to my approach and it gives me the chance to get an idea of which images you feel best in and which ones you don’t. Everybody has their good side, am I right?


Are you insured?

Yes! I carry full photographers insurance including £5m Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance.


I see you take more natural photos, but what about the family groups shots? Can we still have those?

Absolutely. 90% of my wedding couples will still want group shots and that’s cool with me! I usually take a big group shot if location permits and then a few smaller groups of close family, keeping it short and sweet so your guests don’t get bored – we’ll go over all those details and who you would like included during our consultation closer to the wedding date.


Will you travel?

YES! I LOVE travelling. If you’re outside of Somerset then there may be extra travel and accommodation costs but it completely depends on where the wedding is and how long it will take me to get there… so tell me where you want me to be and let’s talk :)


What happens if it rains?

We always have a plan B, which we will normally come up with during our consultation nearer to the wedding date (usually taking place at the venue) in case it rains. We’ll either find an indoor spot, or an outdoor spot with shelter.  Check out one of my weddings where there were no breaks in the rain – all of the portraits were taken under one shelter outdoors. My best advice to you is if it does do the R word on your wedding day, just embrace the heck out of it. It’s Britain, it happens, go with it, get your brolly out. Rain can make for some really pretty images.


Do you shoot alone?

Yes. Most of my weddings, I work by myself. Weaving in an out of the wedding party quiet as a mouse like the photographer ninja I am. If you’d like a second photographer for an additional charge of £200 however, I have a wonderful network of brilliant professionals who compliment my work very well.  This might be worth considering if you’re having a super big wedding where the guests will be spread out across the venue, or you’re both getting ready in different locations in the morning.




If there are any other questions you have feel free to contact me! :)


Somerset Wedding Photographer